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The aim of this section is to answer to some of the questions that were received in the past years on forums and email. If you will not find an answer to your question here, you can send an email with your questions to

If your question is related to Windows Firewall Control, then check the new user guide. It will provide answers to a lot of questions related to Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control and Windows Firewall.

I am a registered user but I forgot my username/my password. How can I recover my account ?

If you forgot your password, you can reset your password through the recovery page. If you forgot your username, please send us an email and we will resend your login credentials to access your registered user account. In order to identify you in the registered users database, please provide us your full name and email address. However, the latest version of Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control is freeware, does not require any activation, has many bugs fixed and new features. We recommend to use the latest version.

I need assistance with the products. Where can I find answers to my questions ?

If you need assistance or you have additional questions, use the contact page or send your email to Please try to give as many details about your problem in order to find a solution. If your question is related to Windows Firewall Control you can check the user guide which answers a lot of questions. Also, there is a dedicated topic on Wilders Security Forums where you can post your questions about Windows Firewall Control. There are a lot of users willing to help.

How to report a security issue ?

Please use Malwarebytes Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Bug Bounty Program to report security issues related to Malwarebytes products.
Should you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact